If you have ever spilled something, had a child get sick, are a smoker, or had your child’s athlete equipment leave a lingering odor, you know how hard it can be to remove a bad smell from a vehicle. Maybe you just bought a used vehicle or are planning to sell the vehicle and the odor is a problem!

If you have tried to clean it, are at wits end and the odor still remains,  All Star Sanitize’s Ozone Sanitize Treatment might be able to help! Often odors can get into vehicle’s vents, deep into car upholstery and odor causing bacteria can contaminate a vehicle’s internal interior air filters. All Star Sanitize’s Ozone Sanitize Treatment is a “100% dry process”.

Often within 25 minutes we can disinfect your vehicle’s interior. Your vehicle will need to be running during the treatment in order for the Ozone Sanitize Treatment to recirculate throughout the vehicle’s air vending system.

All Star Sanitize also supports corporate and fleet accounts (Trucks, buses, rental car agencies, car dealerships, etc.)


Question and Answer
(Q) Will All Star Sanitize’s Ozone Sanitize Treatment always result in the odor being 100% gone.

(A)Typically it works with a standard treatment. If the vehicle has solid pollutants, standing water or an unseen pollutant sometimes additional treatments or topical cleaning may be needed. Liquids and solids are a barrier for air, same is true for O3 / Ozone. We recommend that the car’s interior be dry and any standing solid pollutants be cleaned prior to treatment.

(Q) Does All Star Sanitize’s Ozone Sanitize Treatment work on smoke and pet odors

(A)Yes. Any standing biological pollutants should try to be cleaned first by the customer. Our treatment cannot penetrate standing a liquid (like a puddle) or a solid.


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