Is your home getting you sick? – Sanitize it!

home Sick cold and fluAs colder weather approaches we begin to spend more time indoors. As we spend more time indoors, we often don’t feel as well. We attribute this change to shorter days and other things, yet “indoor pollution” is very real. Often by being indoors more we expose ourselves more to indoor pollution and it has negative impacts on our health.

  • Mold / Mildew
  • Allergens
  • Pet Odors
  • Cigarette smoke
  • Other bacteria, fungus, viruses and microbial growth in our homes.
  • Cooking residue (E.coli, salmonella, and listeria, etc)

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says “48 million Americans a year get sick from food-borne illnesses” — strains of E.coli, salmonella, and listeria — sometimes, in their own homes. While contracting one of these illnesses may not be life-threatening for the average person, it can be very serious for those of us who are wrestling with auto-immune diseases or are pregnant.

Often the cleaning products we use to clean our homes can have a negative effect on our health (toxic chemicals, etc). We’re learning more and more about the toxic side effects of the everyday cleaning products every day. While most of them have a fresh, lemony scent, they’re actually packed with chemicals that could irritate our skin, damage our kidneys and livers, and depress the central nervous system.

All Star Sanitize’s home Ozone sanitizing services can help.

All Star Sanitize’s Ozone Sanitize Treatment is a “100% dry process” that uses one of nature’s most powerful sanitizer, Ozone. All Star Sanitize’s Ozone Sanitize Treatment is 100% airborne and “Sanitizes everywhere that air can reach”. This means our approach can sanitize surfaces missed by topical “by hand” cleaning methods (e.g.,  “nooks and crannies”, floors, around furniture, under counters, backs of chairs, walls, ceilings, air ducts, etc). Think of it like “360 degree indoor sanitizing”. Ozone is one of the most powerful broad based sanitizers in the world and can destroy bacteria, viruses and odors. Ozone works faster than Chlorine bleach and is over 1000 times more powerful. All Star Sanitize’s Ozone Sanitize treatment uses no chemicals and leaves no chemical residue. Safe, Effective, Natural and Green!

Our ozone technology and approach is effective at combating many types of organisms, including retroviruses, bacteria and fungus on surfaces. These would include: MS2 Coliphage; Poliovirus(Type 1 and Type 3); Hepatitis A; Enteroviruses (Coxsackie, Mumps, etc.); Rotaviruses; HIV; SA11 and enteric viruses (gastroenteritis); Influenza viruses (Flu – Type A and B); the Norwalk virus (Norovirus) and Rhinoviruses (pneumonia, bronchiolitis,etc). Any many others.. see here.

All Star Sanitize’s Ozone Sanitize Treatment is not a replacement for cleaning your home, it complements your efforts. All Star Sanitize’s Ozone Sanitize Treatment when performed regularly (e.g., quarterly, monthly, etc) can help maintain a more “hygienic baseline” over time. See the chart below. Please note, the contamination rate is not a constant month to month. Higher usage, rapid re-contamination or certain seasonal conditions (cold and flu, hot and humid weather where mold spores grows more rapidly, etc) can drive the re-contamination rates to a higher level and this might drive the need for additional sanitizing to maintain a lower “hygienic baseline” during peak periods/cycles.


All Star Sanitize’s Ozone Sanitize Treatment is just cents per square foot. It is a small price to pay to help protect your health and those in your home.

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