Real Estate : Preparing your home for the New Jersey 2016 Spring Market

The 2016 New Jersey spring market is rapidly approaching. As many New Jersey Realtors know, the spring market is the busiest time of the year for real estate buyers and sellers in NJ.

Homeowners are preparing to get their homes ready for sale (e.g., cleaning, repairing, replacing, sprucing, etc.). Everyone wants the best price for their home!

Realtors all agree.. how a home smells matters to a potential buyer. Pet, smoke (cigarette, cigar, etc), cooking, mildew, mold and other smells are big turn offs.

  • The number one barrier to the sale of a home is off odors. Unpleasant odors can really “turn off” a buyer immediately to a home.
  • Sellers should consider ozone sanitizing their home before they list it on the market, improving the value of the home and make it more appealing to a buyer.

At All Star Sanitize, we know this very well and offer ozone shock treatment services to help home owners get their homes smelling better. At the same time, sanitizing to destroy bacteria, fungus and viruses ( help with Allergies too). For just cents per square foot it is a small price to pay to help combat the odors that are hindering the sale of your home, and bacteria, viruses too!

All to often we hear the same “common theme” in stories … “We almost bought a house a few years ago.. we thought we found our dream home.. but it smelled (Pets, cooking, mildew, etc..etc.) and we walked away”. 

All Star Sanitize can help !

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