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The Problem: Biological pollutants in our school facilities are putting children, teachers, parents and faculty at risk. Many viruses are communicable through infected surfaces, sharing of materials, common facility use, etc. Additionally, allergens can survive within indoor facilities (mold, pollen from outdoors, etc.). These environments are also prone to other communicable viruses / infections like MRSA, Staph and others.

It is an economically impossible and daunting recurring custodial task to clean considering the numerous surfaces, walls, ducts, etc., and man power needed to clean this all by traditional “hand cleaning” methods.

The Solution: All Star Sanitize’s Ozone Sanitize Treatments using nature’s most powerful sanitizer, ozone!

All Star Sanitize’s Ozone Sanitize Treatment is a “100% dry process” that uses one of nature’s most powerful sanitizer, ozone. All Star Sanitize’s Ozone Sanitize Treatment is 100% airborne and “Reaches everywhere that air can reach”, this means our approach can sanitize surfaces often missed by topical “by hand” cleaning methods (e.g.,  “nooks and crannies”, walls, ceilings, air ducts, etc). Think of it like “sanitizing 360 degrees indoors“. Ozone is one of the most powerful sterilants in the world and destroys bacteria, viruses, fungus and odors. All Star Sanitize’s Ozone Sanitize Treatment does not mask odors, it kills them at the source. All Star Sanitize’s Ozone Sanitize treatment uses no chemicals and leaves no chemical residue. Safe, Effective, Natural and Green!

schooldistrictOur Green Technology Safely Destroys:

  • All Biological Pollutants, VOCs, and their Odors
  • MRSA / Super Bugs / Staph
  • Athlete’s Foot Fungus
  • Flesh Eating Bacteria
  • Swine Flu (H1N1)
  • Whooping Cough
  • Norovirus (stomach virus)
  • Numerous Bacteria, Viruses, and Fungus
  • Surface Molds, including Toxigenic or Black Mold
  • and others!

Ozone technology is approved by:


In addition to the above, Ozone is effective at combating many types of organisms, including retroviruses, bacteria and fungus on surfaces. These would include: MS2 Coliphage; Poliovirus(Type 1 and Type 3); Hepatitis A; Enteroviruses (Coxsackie, Mumps, etc.); Rotaviruses; HIV; SA11 and enteric viruses (gastroenteritis); Influenza viruses (Flu – Type A and B); the Norwalk virus (Norovirus) and Rhinoviruses (pneumonia, bronchiolitis, etc).

One of the first distinctions to understand is that “Cleaning is not Sanitizing.” The EPA states that sanitizers must stay on the surface for 2-8 minutes to kill most germs. With topical cleaning methods, this rarely happens. Sanitizing, like the services that All Star Sanitize provides, is a level above ordinary cleaning, and is a better ways to stop the spread of diseases by attacking bacteria and virus where they live.

Our services do not replace regularly performed custodial or topical cleaning activities, they complement them. All Star Sanitize’s Ozone Sanitize Treatment when performed regularly can help maintain a more “hygienic baseline” month to month. See the chart below. Please note, the contamination rate is not a constant month to month, higher usage or seasonal conditions ( cold and flu, sports, etc) can drive the re-contamination rates monthly to a higher level and potentially drive the need for additional sanitizing to maintain a lower hygienic baseline.


All Star Sanitize’s Ozone Sanitize Treatment is just cents per square foot, it is a small price to pay to help insure the safety of children, teachers, administrators and parents!

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