Below is a short list of various customer testimonials :

“I hired All Star Sanitize after my husband and I bought a house from an elderly woman. She previously had a dog, cat and we had no pets. It was obvious when the weather warmed up that the “pet smell” wasn’t going to go away with some Febreeze. We hired All Star Sanitize for their home sanitizing,disinfection, deodorization service and we were so happy with the results!  When they were done our house it was noticeably cleaner smelling.  There wasn’t that “heavy pet smell” anymore and now it smells light, fresh and airy. I’ll be recommending them to my family and friends!”

“After my husband was sick with the flu, I wanted to insure the rest of my family including my new born wasn’t going to have to go through what my he did. I called All Star Sanitize to help me and do a complete home disinfection from top to bottom. I love that their services are green, natural and safe! Their team was incredibly prompt for their appointment, and worked in a timely manner. None of my family got the flu and I couldn’t be happier with the results.”

“When my husband decided to quit smoking I knew it would be the perfect time for me to remove the cigarette smoke odor that always lingered in my townhouse. I hired All Star Sanitize and they were great! It only took a day and my home smells great”

“All Star Sanitize did an amazing job deodorizing and disinfecting my son’s football equipment. We can breathe again in the car!”

“The smell of my son’s hockey equipment was unbearable, All Star Sanitize is the best !”

“Wish I found out about All Star Sanitize years ago, I could have potentially saved thousands replacing stinky hockey equipment”

“All Star Sanitize did a great job deodorizing my daughter’s used car.. The musty / mildew like smell is now gone and she loves the car now!”

“My home was partially fire damaged after a little cooking accident. We repaired the damage in the kitchen, but the smell from the fire in the house was lingering. A friend told me about All Star Sanitize and their services. The All Star Sanitize technician came in and eradicated the smoke smell in a day. Thank you for saving my home!” 

“Our equipment room has never smelled better! Thanks All Star Sanitize!”

“Thank you All Star Sanitize for helping to get the linger odors out of my mother’s home. Your attentiveness, flexibility and great service really helped us in transitioning my mother to assisted living and getting her home on the market and ready for sale”

“You must be magicians. I don’t know how you got my father’s home smelling so much better after all his years of smoking. You saved me thousands in potential new carpet, paint, duct cleaning, etc.  Thank you!”