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The videos below illustrate the sense of urgency related to disinfecting and deodorizing equipment and facilities.

Our Ozone Shock Treatment is green technology that safely destroys surface:

  • All Biological Pollutants, VOCs, and their Odors.
  • MRSA / Super Bugs.
  • Athlete’s Foot Fungus.
  • Flesh Eating Bacteria.
  • Swine Flu (H1N1).
  • Whooping Cough.
  • Bacteria, Viruses, and Fungi.
  • Molds, including Toxigenic or Black Mold.

Bacteria and Viruses

In Sports, Day Care Facilities and Schools

Home and Car Sellers .. Fresh Smell Matters!

First Responders (e.g., Fire, EMS, Police, …)

Would apply to all First Responder equipment.. For their safety and the general public.